Amish and Weirs Film Witness Composition

How does philip weir present his ideas about inconsistant worlds in Witness? Just how an individual has been influenced by certain honnete and values connects those to a sense of place or community. An individual could possibly be connected or stereotyped by gender, grow older, religion or culture defining their id and the globe in which they will belong. Philip Weir's film witness composes two worlds that are diametrically different through the use of symbols that highlight their particular differing morals and probe.

Peter Weirs film Witness differentiates two completely different worlds in the Amish as well as the city. Weir presents the tranquil and traditional simplified lifestyle with the Amish culture juxtaposed with contemporary American society with its inherent violence and modern quality. Weir engages the film into a 3 act framework providing an effective narrative to juxtapose their lifestyles and to distinguish the themes of corruption, assault, loss of chasteness, forbidden love and proper rights. In Work One the murder scene we are pushed into a violent criminal universe. Samuel who will be an harmless traditional Amish guy boy seems to lose his purity from the see of a killing. We see the murder from your subjective viewpoint shot in the child. Samuels view point of the homicide is by using a slightly apocar toilet door; metaphorically conditions door can be described as transition stage or contact lens from one world to another. Close up shots of Samuels terrified face is definitely paralleled with all the dramatic building of the music as McFee searches for the noise of Samuel then resumes with a close up of Samuels confront along with silence symbolising his loss in innocence. Furthermore in Action One, we come across the character Steve Book getting together with the Amish community and just how his modern day world features inflicted on the peaceful tranquillity. The composition of the narrative is essential in presenting Weir's concern that it is essential to the two respect good aspects of realms as well as concern negative implications of violence and avarice....

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