Ap Community European and Japanese Fueedalism Essay

Western european and Japan Feudalism

The Europeans and the Japanese have sufficient aspects of feudalism in common, but also many that fluctuate. Their feudalisms are more distinctions than similarities. The differences include their social and political aspects. They have similarities in the social elements. The initially way they will differ broadly is their views on fatality. The Japanese saw death because acceptable and right, while the Europeans noticed it since wrong and were more concerned on your survival. The Japanese could often slit open their particular bellies and enable them hemorrhage out. Their views on fatality differed due to the fact of their beliefs. The Japanese were Buddhist and believed in a great afterlife, even though the Europeans were Christian. The second cultural big difference is the disciplines. Japan required pride within their arts with the poetic skills, and calligraphy, while the Europeans were significantly less involved in the artistry. The Europeans were narrower toward knights in battle and the soldier class compared to the arts. The 3rd thing they have culturally several is all their views on girls. The Japanese believed women will need to tough like their warriors and accept self-destruction away of devotion to the lord or family members. The Europeans saw girls as vulnerable and second-rate beings. One political big difference is their very own political structures. Both depended on bonds of personal dedication and had situations of traitors and traitorous betrayals. The lords of Europe were at the top of the class and handled the peasants. This lord-vassal relationship was seen as mutual and contractual. It was as well ultimate and absolute loyalty on behalf of the vassal. This kind of relationship was legalistic, that means they followed a set of laws. In Asia there was more emphasis on values than law. They did not have the same established laws the Europeans would There was less room for the concept of political rights. Japan saw the importance of family tree and honor in determining power and prestige and securing ownership of property. The Japanese prevented the hereditary...

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