Basic British Grammar Publication Essay

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writing is an excellent exercise to detect, work on, and correct grammar errors.

Write about a strange or perhaps funny experience that you have undergone or the particular one of your friends or relatives has been subject to in the past.

Verbs are understood to be words that with subjective make a press release, a order or a demand, or question a question about someone or something.

I/ MOOD OF VERBS: Verbs are broken into three feelings:

A/ the indicative mood that indicates facts and realities ➢ John is a doctor

➢ Are the pupils in class?

➢ Please forgive me!

B/ the very important mood which is often used to give requests.

➢ Do your research right now.

➢ Don't smoke cigarettes in class.

C/ the subjunctive mood can be used for hypothetical or despite fact circumstances. ➢ Indicative: Zineb physical exercises every day.

➢ Subjunctive: it's required that Zineb exercise daily. it's required that Zineb Be on period. it's necessary that Zineb Were promptly.

N. N:

← The subjunctive feeling is always used in sentences released by expression of influencing, asking, placing your order and requiring such as:

← With content that contain the words if or wish all of us always use the plural form of be (were) in the past hardly ever was:

➢ Zineb wishes she had been born in USA.

➢ If I were you We would choose to go to Dallas.


Causative verbs are definitely the verbs which are used to cause or power someone to make a move. The sentence in your essay has two subjects the primary subject is usually not the doer of the action nevertheless he just causes the second subject to perform the job. The instrumental verbs are make, include and receive.

➢ The teacher features Zineb assessment the lessons. ➢ The teacher makes Zineb assessment the lesson.

➢ The teacher gets Zineb to examine the lessons.

D. B: Notice the different usage of " to have” used as a verb, as an auxiliary so that as a causative verb: ➢ As a action-word (to possess): Linda has some homework to accomplish. ➢ Since an auxiliary (perfect tense): Linda has been doing her home work. ➢ Being a causative action-word: Linda offers Zineb do her home work.


Those several words are merely used to prevent repetition. And so and as well are used to avoid a positive duplication while both and not avoid an adverse repetition.

A/ Affirmative

➢ Zineb is known as a student

➢ John is actually a student

➢ Zineb studies very hard

➢ John research very hard

➢ Zineb can help me

➢ John will help me

A/ Negative

➢ Zineb is not a student

➢ John is not a student

➢ Zineb doesn't study quite hard

➢ John doesn't research very hard

➢ Zineb cannot help me

➢ John cannot help me


Be used to should always be followed by ”ING” and this refers to actions that we have just been familiar or accustomed to doing them. We did not in the past. " Used to” should be used with past time habits that we got in the past although that we no longer do or have them today.

➢ Clara is used to smoking cigarettes. (she didn't in past times but now your woman starts smoking) ➢...

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