Change of attitude of stakeholders Essay

Change of attitude of stakeholders

In 1985, the Town Planning Board accepted the proposal of Hopewell Cooperation to construct Super Tower emcompassing a 10313m2 site in Kennedy Highway and including a 93-storey hotel tower system and two public open up areas (61). The Board also honored the agreement of rezoning to aid space intended for 5880m2 public park in 1968 (33). However , house of Huge Tower becomes a controversial a significant recent years. A large number of stakeholders engaged opposed the proposal that was approved 14 years ago. Since Hong Kong is growing and evolved, the community today values standard of living, aesthetics as well as the environment a lot more than it utilized to, making the proposed program unacceptable today (59). The change in attitude of stakeholders is mainly due to the changes in mentality with the general public throughout these years. They think that Government representatives are defending the interests of builders instead of the general public (47). The changes would be the difference in educational level and the pursuit of quality of life.

Difference in educational level

Since the start of the 9 years cost-free and required education policy, the average educational level of Hk citizens rose and more people received education in Hk. Starting from 2004, Hong Kong is definitely a different town compared with what was like more than 30 years ago. According to the Chief of Wan Chai Area Council, Ada Wong, preparing concepts have got changed a lot over the past two decades and Hopewell Holdings should certainly amend their plan to carry it in line with present planning principles (112). While the public demanded for visibility and engagement, public proposal and discussion are very important in a advancement project just like Mega Tower system. As Hk is changed into an active civic society, citizens will be with more powerful sense of community and sense of belonging at this point. They will actively participate in community building, basically, wanting Hong Kong to be a better place for any...

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