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CSCI_109/ Intro to Computers and Apps

Kent Beckert

Charles A. Scott Jr., 2382356

Marietta, Georgia

28 January 2015

Activity 3. your five Case Study/Safe Assign

Maastricht Upper Place Control Center (MUAC)

Maastricht Upper Place Control Center (MUAC) Example

As a part of the completing each of our 3. 5 discussion board problem for week three of the course CSCI_109/ Introduction to Computers and Applications we viewed an ten minute very long YouTube video titled " The Future Today”. The video focused on the European airspace and the issues faced by the EuroControl; Europe's version in the Federal Aviation Operations (FAA) together with the Europe's thick sky's and the extremely close proximity of its' countries' boarders. The vast majority of video dedicated to the " Maastricht Top Area Control Centre has become providing combination border solutions for some four decades, delivering excellent performance and innovative solutions”. (Maastricht, 2010). During the activity we were asked to answer the following three queries. 1 . ) Identify the I/O devices presented in the videos. installment payments on your ) What benefits of technology has been produced for both the Control mechanism and the initial? And a few. ) What precautionary paperwork would you desire every user to be aware of hen using the Control mechanism Pilot Link Communications (CPDLC)? During the next few sentences the previously assigned questions will be answers in more details. 1 . The input/output gadgets identified inside the video had been as follows: Control keyboard- insight device

Western flight data processing (eFDP) - input and output device Increased RADAR- output device

Mouse- input system

Displays- end result device

Instrumentation- output unit

Datalink system- input and output device

Before moving on to the next query this specialist would like to talk about Eurocontrols' European flight info processing (eFDP) and Function S Increased RADAR program. Because that they both are important to the air targeted traffic controllers (ATC) and to the European solitary sky principle. The eFDP is a trajectory based Airline flight Data Digesting system opposed to the more mature route-based system. The major big difference between the two systems is that eFDP uses its software packages along with the real-time flight behavior of aircraft provided by increased RADAR to predict where the aircraft is going and the ideal route to value to get to its' destination. The older system simply used the route plan that was loaded into the system by the aircrew certainly not taking into account for real-time problems (traffic and weather) that may force the aircraft to detour coming from its' organized route. The Eurocontrol RADAR system was made in the mid-1990's to add a Mode S i9000 program component to its' existing RADAR system. Mode T added selection, height in 100ft amounts azimuth accuracy and time for you to its output giving the ATC an almost 4D view of the aircrafts; the system was fully executed in 2009. installment payments on your What advantages of technology has been derived for the Controller and the pilot? The truth that the advanced RADAR program provides altitude, airspeed, heading and hands-off setting towards the ATC shows. Allows the ATC to determine what is going on inside the aircraft and never have to bother the pilot for your information. This kind of benefits both equally, reducing the pilots' workload and enabling the ATC to do their particular jobs faster and better. It was pointed out by the prolocutor that it as well increases safety, which is a benefit to everyone in and under their particular airspace. Info Link systems – also reduces initial and ATC workload by simply handling some of the communications during complex stages of flight (take-off/landing). Cost-free Route Airspace Maastricht (FRAM) – an application that will allow airplane to take flight the most direct routes gasoline saving, decreased engine jogging time (saving engine life), and less emissions (reducing pollution). 3. What precautionary notes would you wish every user to be aware of chicken using the Controller Pilot Link Communications (CPDLC)? CPDLC remains...

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