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Diageo Case

1 . How features Diageo traditionally managed its capital structure? Diageo searched for to maintain the low-debt (conservative) financial plans of the Guinness and Grand Met with desired goals to keep * its fascination coverage proportion (EBITDA / Interest Payments) between a few and almost eight and 5. its EBITDA / Total Debt about 30-35%

While not quite while conservative while other UK firms (with Equity/Assets proportions of 42%), it was effective in reaching these desired goals and retaining a credit score of A+ (a rough average of Guinness' LUKE WEIL and Grand Met's A ratings) by re-levering the firm via * issuance of debts to repurchase and retire shares in fiscal years 1998 and then again in 1999 2. and ensuring that cost of capital was been able down at each country level in keeping with its " Handling for Value” approach to employing capital

2 . Precisely what is the stationary tradeoff theory? How will you apply it to Diageo's organization prior to the sale for Pillsbury and spinoff of Burger King?

The stationary tradeoff theory suggests that organizations try to balance the costs of financial distress up against the benefits of a higher debt (higher tax shield as launched by the LOGISTIK theory) when creating capital structure decisions to ascertain how much debts to use for funding procedures and making capital purchases. Costs of economic distress contain both bankruptcy costs (poor cash flow resulting in bankruptcy within a highly levered position) and non-bankruptcy costs (increased cost of capital, ability to advantageously use commercial newspaper, suppliers challenging stricter payment terms and so forth ) Diageo has managed high credit scores and stored its curiosity coverage high. It could maximize its tax shield by simply increasing their debt amounts and using its cash positions to strongly bid intended for targets just like Seagram to grow the beverage alcoholic beverages business. 3. Why is Diageo selling Pillsbury and content spinning off White castle? How might value be developed through these types of transactions?

Diageo wants to focus specifically on the...

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