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1 . A number of the the sources of humour inside the story are, the dads personality/attitude (the way this individual reacts to conditions, and the kids curiosity. The humour in the story absolutely arises from remark of life, although some of the situations are much less plausible, and fall short of the hand, you're still able to fathom the story as being practical to current day society. With that being said the most hilarious situation in the story to my opinion, is if the son can be walking residence and this individual yells at the people viewing from down the street. To me the humour is usually enjoyable since its a) relatable, although most importantly b) it's a wonderful example of situational irony, for the little youngster should have been walking his father residence, not the inverse.

2 . There are definitely undertones of pathos in the story, particularly at the beginning of the storyline and in the abr. The undertones of pity and sadness will be rooted from the fathers having issue. At the start of the story if the son starts narrating the story speaking of his fathers having issue, you really feel a vibe of night being grounded in the account. This sense continues and grows towards funeral, practically as if there may be lingering suspense that the creator is building up. Finally the storyplot takes a convert for more of a comedy when the son starts to drink his fathers drink, which was whether cry intended for help, or as a last resort to stop his father by start his dangerous famous path.

3. The chief information that seem to arise in my opinion are that some people hide their true colors, and pretend they are someone that they will aren't, right up until tragedy happens, and pushes them to come back to reality and be the person they're meant to be, or perhaps in this case have to be. (Other example of important insights listed below)

Alcoholism as well as its effects on family

Dependency being grounded in your blood (the young boys love for the drink in the first sip)

Sometimes producing choices for the...

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