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The tone says that a lot more fun. The undertone shows that life is a catastrophe. (How far will you agree with the[desktop] of humor in relation to The Importance of Being Serious? ) Jointly light hearted joke that Wilde puts across towards the audience there is also a serious undertone to that, which pertains to Victorian Contemporary society, and concerns which were seen as taboo. Wilde's play can be seen as a large satirical perform as it constantly mocks the top classes and their values. Diverse characters in Wilde's play bring forward different types of problems in Victorian society. Schwanzgeile through the presentation of the personas may have been looking to show that Victorian society at that time was dividing in two, you may have the old Victorian society, which usually people just like Lady Bracknell, Miss Prism and Chasuble all apparently follow, which can be strict, full of rules, and converges extremely heavily upon status and wealth. The other you could phone the product with the old world, with so a large number of rules in position, many young people such as Algernon and Cecily decide to break away from, and live to get pleasure, instead of living for a reputation. This can be seen as the Catastrophe of life. The character of Female Bracknell was developed as a comic tool by Wilde to create fun pertaining to the audience; her dialogue is essentially a way of creating humour, irrespective of her domineering nature which is made absurd and silly to mock the upper classes. This provides an impressive light hearted tone. Nevertheless , Wilde likewise uses the character of Girl Bracknell to convey the undertone of tragedy through her unwittingly funny comments upon serious subjects. As soon as Girl Bracknell gets into in Act one Schwule uses her as a instrument to model marriage. The lady talks about Woman Harbury who has recently dropped her husband and, Woman Bracknell comments, ‘she appears quite twenty years younger'. Woman Harbury searching well is certainly due to the vices of her strict Victorian marriage getting broken, so she are now able to live ‘for pleasure'. Inside the 21st...

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