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a few. 1 Good ACE Equipment Indonesia REHABILITATION. ACE COMPONENTS INDONESIA Tbk., which was a family group own firm headquartered in Jakarta, travelled public on 27 Nov 2007. It really is one of the subsidiaries of the Kawan Lama Group which has the expertise of more than 50 years on the market. Their part consist of 22 retail stores and covering much more than 60, 1000 sq metres retail space in 13 cities. Desk 3. you location and size of the retail stores Wall socket Karawaci Pasaraya Puri Shopping mall Balikpapan Galaxy Batam Panglima Polim Kelapa Gading Istana Plaza Istana Kuta Sunshine Plaza Pondok Indah Artha Gading City Panakukang IBCC Building Pluit Royal Plaza Tunjungan The airwaves Dalam Pakuwon Pejaten [AMM Square] [Marganda TOTAL Date of 02/04/96 01/06/96 05/07/97 28/11/99 24/01/00 27/05/00 08/09/00 09/11/00 28/11/01 12/10/03 13/03/04 23/09/04 06/06/05 26/12/05 19/03/06 18/06/06 20/10/06 15/12/06 01/02/07 30/06/07 07/06/07 06/09/07 15/09/07 08/10/07 City Tangerang Jakarta Jakarta Balikpapan Surabaya Batam Jakarta Jakarta Bandung Bali Medans Jakarta Jakarta Bekasi Makassar Bandung Jakarta Surabaya Surabaya Jakarta Surabaya Jakarta Cirebon Depok Size (Sq m) 1, 225 3, one hundred sixty five 4, 046 1, 199 795 you, 096 one particular, 265 946 1, 477 1, 584 1, 470 2, 077 10, 158 1, 750 3, 349 8, 742 1, 901 5, 211 846 you, 822 4, 075 2, 451 1, 600 a couple of, 630 sixty, 650

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This ware house is definitely the centre of the logistic of ACE across the Indonesia. _ DESIGN is the manufacturer used by the business in Indonesia under the certificate agreement together with the ACE Equipment Corporation. The agreement allows ACE Equipment Indonesia to sell the EXPERT brand goods, Kawan Musgo Products, as well as some brands that ACE provides the exclusive distribution right, also the product supplied by the third party. PT ACE Hardware Philippines was established in 1995 together with the name of PT Kawan Lama Home Centre based on Deed of multinational No . seventeen dated several February 1995 made in arsenic intoxication Benny Kristianto SH, Notary in Jakarta. The Action of Establishment was approved by the Minister of Justice with the Republic of Indonesia pursuant to Rule No . C2-6190 HT. 01. 01. Th. 95 out dated 17 May 1995, that was registered inside the Register Book of the Section Court of West Jakarta under Number 1668 as well as 1995 about 13 Sept. 2010 1995, and was published in Condition Gazette No . 102, old 22 Dec 1995, Health supplement No . 10484. The initially outlet was opened in Kawaraci in 1996, prior to the economic crisis and riot. Down the line 1997, Kawan Lama Group has a new agreement with ACE Corporation and based on the new regulation that preventing the use of language on the identity of the organization by the govt, PT Kawan Lama House Centre was changed to REHABILITATION ACE Indoritel Perkasa. PT ACE Equipment Indonesia was finally used by the company in 28 August 2001. You’re able to send Articles of Association have been completely amended a couple of times, most recently by simply Notarial Deed no . 33 dated twenty nine August 2007 made in the existence of Fathiah Helmi SH, Notary in Jakarta concerning the modification of the Articles of Affiliation of the Business to adhere to Law Number 8 associated with the Capital Markets.

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Table a few. 2 Landmark, awards, and events with the company Supply: ACE Equipment Indonesia Year 1995 mil novecentos e noventa e seis • • • 1999 • • • the year 2003 • Breakthrough / Events Incorporation and establishment Created License Arrangement with ACE Hardware Organization Opened initially retail outlet in Karawaci Exposed first retail outlet outside of Jakarta in Balikpapan Introduced stand alone and shophouse format to get retail outlets Presented ACE Dedication Membership System Opened 10th retail outlet with store in Istana Kuta Galleria, Bali



Achieved INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FUR STANDARDISIERUNG 9001: 2k certification intended for the Company's hq, warehouse and certain of its stores


Honored Million Dollar Membership recognition by ACE Group for mixture purchases



Advantages of ACE Home Centre Concept with opening of ACE Mall ArthaGading


ACE Shopping mall ArthaGading awarded Largest Hardware Retail Outlet in Indonesia by the...

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