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There are more professional females than before


they are still under-represented in the senior level positions

Sexuality Discrimination at Workplace

The several in treatment

that arise when separately are purposive treated in another way by the virtue of their group membership

Male or female Gap Index of China and tiawan


• Explaining Gender Discrimination laws

• Anti-discrimination Policies

• Training Courses

Explain Sexuality Discrimination Laws

• Organisations should educate themselves and employees upon

Chinese regulation about gender discrimination.

• Organize a few classes to improve awareness of regulation of

employees and managers.

• Provide information to employees how you can claim a gender

elegance issue.

Anti Gender Discrimination Policy

• Having a policy that forbids discrimination in the


• Distribute to all managers and employees of the company

• Employees should certainly sign a great acknowledgment that they can

understand and will abide by this kind of policy.

• Create a pay scale based on the contributions and

responsibilities, spend equally among men and women.

Training program

• Training should be conducted throughout the firm, starting with leading management and down through the positions.

• Ethnic training seminars and training courses. With contribution of professional trainers or expert consultant and members of the human resources department.

• Skill-building applications targeted especially at accomplished female workers

Implication program

1) Start a survey => evaluate the amount of gender

discrimination in best positions inside the


2) Propose a great anti-gender discrimination human

resource policy

3) Publish this policy for all those workers and possess the

training program at the same time.

4) Study again to get opinions and have

modification if necessary.



• Create training sessions about Gender Equality for workers who have did marry.

• Utilize the power of multimedia (printed information, online information, TV, ads, internet, radio…) to change persons mindset about Gender


• Lengthen the retirement age of girl employee.

• Increase observance of existing laws against gender-based job discrimination.


• Increase mentorship and also other efforts to increase the number of females in traditionally male jobs and in positions of

politics leadership.

• Increase authorities funding of high-quality day-care options to enable parents, and particularly mothers, to work outside the house

the home in the event they and so desire, also to do so with no fear that

their funds or all their children's well-being will be


• Lessen socialization simply by parents and other adults of females and boys into traditional gender roles.

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