Information Technology Action Paper

Kid's Internet Protection/Electronic Funds Copy

Eugene Posley

BIS/220– Introductions to Computer system Application and Systems September 17, 2013

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(Children's Net Protection Act, 2000)

The initial Children's Net Protection Act became effective on Oct 21, 1998 and was modified Apr 21, 2000 (Information Safeguard, 2004-2011). What the law states was targeted at operators of economic websites, and online providers directed at kids below the associated with 13. The law also targeted operators fond of the public with all the knowledge of kids 13 and below visiting there sites. With the improved use of personal computers, information technology like e-mail, chat room websites, and cultural websites creating direct associates with children. These children needed to be safeguarded from data that the kids were as well young to get, as well as companies that illegitimately could use information that these children may give them (Federal Communications Percentage, 2013). The Children's Net Protection Work requires institutions to make parents aware of their very own communications with their children. The institutions have to get the parent's consent; the parent can easily review the actual child is doing on the site, and also to restrict further activity. The institution must limit the data it gets from children and have something in place to safeguard the information it can do collect (Information Shield, 2004-2011). The secret was put into place because of simplicity that children had increasing access to improper material. (Electronic Funds Copy, 1978)

The Electronic Cash Act was put in place to protect consumers who also transferred or perhaps shifted funds using digital means. Electronic methods range from the use of credit rating, or debit cards, automated teller machines, and automatic withdrawals. The Work also restricts the responsibility the buyer would have in matter like a stolen debit card (Investopedia, 2013). Someone's financial institution is liable...

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