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ICS, Inc (herein refer to while ICS) can be an information system consulting organization made up of twenty employees, it can be owned simply by Ivana. Their core business is designing and rendering of information technology for small and medium-size businesses in the city area. Although ICS, contains a sufficient standard of businesses, the environment has become even more competitive since more business people are starting their own information technology talking to businesses. Ivana is the Advertising Manager pertaining to the ICS, and the girl with the primary speak to between the ICS and its clientele. Recently ICS, won an agreement from Lot of money 100 to create and apply an e-business system for starters of their circulation centers thanks to Ivana's putting in a bid a simple bone affordable and she promising the consumer that ICS, Inc might complete the project in six months, even though the customer specific that the job had to be completed in nine weeks or significantly less. Ivana does this because she believes that if ICS successfully finishes this job within the period of time and inside budget, it could lead to a larger contract by Fortune 95 to implement similar devices in the patient's other distribution centres through the entire country, of course, if this is therefore , ICS may become a major asking firm. This kind of belief of hers has had along a lot of challenges which in turn ranges via short delivery time to task being on a fixed-price deal. Other problems that this task presented contains among others: -Poor leadership.

-Poor communication.

-Lack of task culture.

-Lack of successful project crew, and many more.

In evaluating this situatio study the researcher hereby highlights difficulties problem that emerged out of this case as being that of an unhealthy leadership which has given beginning to all additional emerging concerns. The investigator also suggested solutions to the identified problems and issues.


installment payments on your 1 . Review of ICS, Incorporation Case Study

From the case study, ICS, Inc (herein referred to as ICS) is a channel information devices consulting firm of twenty employees that design and implement i . t projects pertaining to small and medium-size businesses in the metropolitan. Ivana is the owner of ICS, and she does all the marketing pertaining to the company and she is the primary contact among ICS and its customers. Lot of money 100 company has just awarded a contract to ICS to create and put into practice an e-business system for just one of their circulation centers. The contract was won simply by ICS partly because they submitted the best price and because Ivana assured the client that ICS could complete the project in six months, despite the fact that the client specific that the project had to be designed in nine months or less, just to win over the client. She's got a higher expectation that if ICS successfully wraps up this particular project on schedule, it could lead to much larger contract to implement comparable systems inside the client's additional distribution organisations throughout the nation. Ivana submitted a proposal that only she put together, and in many cases met with your customer without relating to the people that had been supposed to be portion of the project crew, who will sooner or later work on the project. None of her employees knew the proposal until she called ten of them to notify all of them. She only tell them how important the project is really important with her, because if perhaps succeeded, you will have other future projects using this type of client and that ICS could become a majour consulting company – her dream come true. It had been also said that this particular contract is a fixed-price contract where Ivana low cost as low as the girl could to be able to increase ICS chances of earning the contract. Ivana as well stressed the importance of the contract to very little and...

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