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Medical Marijuana for individuals of All Ages:

Father and mother always want what's great for their children, but what if can be best for that particular child is frowned upon or perhaps discouraged simply by society? In a perfect world Children can be born healthier and not suffer from any illnesses or disorders but in real life there are an incredible number of Children delivered every day with disabilities that can be life threatening. Doctors all around the world are putting kids with malignancy, leukemia, epileptic seizures and other illnesses on high doasage amounts of medicine and traumatizing treatments. In attempts to make them more healthy or treatment them with their diseases, although eventually these kinds of treatments stop working and the medicine no longer takes a affect. The side effects of treatments and medication in the end make the kid worse. Therefore the parents of the children are remaining to deal with a sick kid and no feasible options at least politically appropriate ones. On the other hand now there can be an option that every people of all age groups should consider and try. That option is definitely Medical Marijuana.

Matt and Paige Figi were faced with this problem recently when they couldn't obtain daughter Steve Figi's seizures under control. Charlotte's seizures worsened as your woman aged, when she turned two . 5 Charlie began to get inferior and seemed as if the girl was dropping it, her seizures had been lasting anywhere from two to four hours and her symptoms looked like there was worsening by the day. The doctor's had clinically diagnosed her with Dravet Problem. " Dravet Syndrome is a rare, severe form of intractable epilepsy. Intractable means the seizures are generally not controlled by medication. The first seizures with Dravet Syndrome usually start ahead of the age of 1 ) In the second year, additional seizures take hold: myoclonus, or unconscious, muscle spasms and status epilepticus, seizures that last more than 30 minutes or come in groupings, one following your other. ”(Young) Charlotte was put on a fresh diet, although the seizures appeared to be decreasing the other side...

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