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Module 3 Debate 1-My Areas of the body: PPP

There are many things which i will be taking a look at in this discussion. I will start by giving an outline before talking about how I would teach areas of the body using the PPP Lesson. Some of the methods/approaches that we have employed in this lessons plan include: a) The Direct Method- In the form of oral drills and repetition. b) Natural Approach- To create an atmosphere that could lower the students filter result. c) Total Physical Response- Using ice-breakers/warm ups related to the topic, carrying out actions with each other. d) Speak Language Teaching- The purpose of this really is to ensure that students communicate thoughts regarding a subject that will help them in the real world. Learners will be required to use this during the production stage. e) Task-Based- Completing job base actions where college students will acquire more know-how and learn more of the language through interaction. One more factor i would like to establish or explain that though we all happen to be dealing with the degree of students whom are newbies the added in factor for me to consider is definitely the age group of my college students. I would like to point out that the age bracket that I would consider is among 9-11 years old. Before I actually describe my lesson prepare according to the PPP outline Let me clarify my own objectives, type, vocabulary, level, materials that I will be employing, preparation time, time to finish this module/ section, connection and potential problems: Objective/s: Students will be able to use new vocabulary phrases correctly which includes pronunciation and spelling of numerous body parts. Pupils will also communicate through group interaction and discussions. Type: Activities on body parts & our five senses

Terminology: eyes, ear, nose, tongue and hands, see, hear, taste, smell, and experience Levels: Beginners-Ages nine to eleven

Elements: Visual assists, handouts, things in the classes, color paper/chats, magazine/internet photographs (cuttings) and soft music in the background. Preparing: 10 minutes

Period: 60-90 moments

Interaction: Tutor to scholar, student to student, pupil to tutor Potential Problems: Students may struggle to pronounce words correctly. Students might not know how to describe their understanding due to a lack of knowing The english language. Potential group dynamics might be encountered. Because there are many areas of the body as part of the 1st session in learning body parts and considering time and for this presentation I have selected only five body parts connected to the five senses that individuals use today to explore lifestyle. Presentation: a couple of minutes

As part of my presentation I would like to create an atmosphere attractive to my learners. For this reason the first thing I will have I to set up them in a semi-circle standing and introduce a great ice-breaker. Glaciers Breaker: This is a music to teach college students where there youngster parts are situated and a fun method to start off mainly because it involves performing actions jointly as well as singing. We will repeat this physical exercise twice. This goes like this: Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes…

Head, shoulder muscles, knees and toes, knees and toes…

Eyes and ears and mouth and nose…..

Mind, shoulders, legs and toes, knees and toes…

Let me instruct students to sit in that development. In my presentation I will in that case: 1 . Display students the images of the:

Eyes, ears, mouth, nose and hands

installment payments on your Ask the scholars what every single picture is usually? I will provide students a choice to raise all their hand and answer. College students that solution I will prize for participation. I will explain to students that they should solution. Example Educator: What is this?

Student: This can be an eyesight.

This is a great ear

This can be a nasal area

This is a hand

This is a mouth area

a, electronic, i, um, u are vows as a result this is an……….

All the rest of letters are constantants therefore , this is a……………. I will clarify that these phrases are nouns-naming words/names of things. a few. What are these body parts employed for/ what is the function of these body parts? I will place the function/use of...

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