Johnson and Johnson Selection Plan Article

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Diversity Strategy of Johnson and Meeks

I. Summary of company

Johnson and Johnson company has a long history, that was founded in 1886 by Robert Solid wood Johnson, David Wood Johnson and Edward cullen Mead Meeks in Brunsewick, New Jersey. Until now, Johnson and Johnson has 250 branches in more than 57 countries, and they have nearly hundreds of consumer brands with thousands of products bought from over 157 countries. These products are including medication , first-aid supplies, skin care, bath, baby accessories, etc. Departments in the company will be including R and d, Sales Division, After-sale Assistance, Human Resource Office, Accounting Division, and it includes supplier industries of products natural material and products packaging, and so on. Clearly, our company is a huge organization, which usually contains many of staff in the U. S. and subsidiaries far away. They come by different social backgrounds; they can be whites, blacks, Hispanics, Hard anodized cookware Americans and so forth; they are diverse genders and different ages. Our company ranks in 68th with the 100 best companies and we aim at keeping good open public image. Consequently, carrying out a considerate diversity program can make the employees be devoted to the organization and work efficiently.

II. President's Statement

Our company features founded for more than 125 years, and over hundreds of plants in all over the world. We are proud of becoming in such a big family. Together with the ever-accelerating economic market, the upgrade of information and items calls for modifications in our company strategy to keep our company competitive. We provide services such because consumer products, medical devices, prescription items, and diagnostics, and there is often demand of top quality. We assurance to provide the consumers dependability and stability, so that we all not only need employees who are professional in goods innovations and quality control, but as well build up the company's tradition to make each of our employees and consumers faithful.

We need to take responsibility of our workers; we are concerned with our consumers' needs. We've been long marketing our staff diverse, we embrace employees of different sexuality, different events, different religious beliefs, or distinct age. Were respecting each of our employees' dignity and recognize their beliefs. Making better compensation and working environment to get our employees will always be each of our task. All of us will take learning to make sure our workplace is definitely open and merit primarily based, and provide similar opportunities for each employee. All of us accept and respect the employees' complaints and suggestions, and produce great improvement of our company.

Therefore , we set up guidelines of hiring and managing diversity, collect competitive employees in our friends and family, work according to the principles and fulfill the goals and promises.

3. Justification

Workplace selection has become progressively important in American businesses. It is successful for managers to know about how exactly to operate a diverse environment, since a proper manage varied workplace may contribute to enhance employees' feeling of belonging and output. Moreover, a various working environment can easily enhance our company to meet up with the various world of consumers' needs, boost the relations to communities, increase the ability of coping with alterations, increase company productivity, and enhance imagination of the company.

Having employees of diverse background can increase a expertise warehouse, which usually consists of persons of different competitions, classes, made use of, ages, and political opinions. With these kinds of a big ability resources, workers of various background have got various experiences and skills, so that they can give various suggestions of how to achieve a new market, they can likewise align and be competitive to work on the complex and comprehensive jobs.

Managing diversity in work environment is a necessity...

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