Essay about memo


To: Ms. Sally Entrances

From: Costs Welch

Time: September 28, 2013

Subject: Customer Service Agent Team

The client Service Agent team only at PrimeCell has received its fluctuations. However , as there was a rise in customer grievances, we cannot afford to wait any more for those customer complaints to decline. We must take immediate action to solve, and destroy those issues. My main concern is that the staff in the customer care team appears to be more of a variety of individuals than the usual team. To be able to increase employees' care and awareness for the customers and the complaints, employees must get together as a team initial and work towards the same objective.

My 1st course of action is always to have a weekly position meeting in Wednesdays to discuss how the staff is doing. The entire team will certainly meet in a conference place to discuss the goals and achievements of this week. Every employee will have the opportunity to discuss what they are taking care of, what they have got accomplished and what all their goals happen to be for this week. This will likely make the personnel more ready and concentrated to meet their very own goals every week. At the end of each meeting, I will save some period so that the employees can inquire abuout or talk about any feedback or issues they may be having. This will inspire every person in the team to communicate readily and openly, and discourage people to always be permitted to keep secret group meetings or key chats for the detriment with the team.

My personal second course of action is to motivate team connecting. This crew is made up of completely different individuals. They each come from different backgrounds and are every one of varying age ranges. Most of them might not have anything in common. In order for them all to connect and act as a crew, they need to carry out some activities jointly outside of operate so that they can genuinely interact collectively. I was proposing that we get a group lunch every Friday outside of the company to sit back together and talk about points that...

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