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Good morning, I actually am Giang. I am here to demonstrate you my estimation about the subject: The only thing individuals are in terested today is earning money. I'll only take regarding 5 minutes of your energy. If you have any questions, could you ask me at the end of my discuss. As you know Mrs Huong entirely agrees that individuals are absolutely hooked in making profits today. Nevertheless Mr Hoc disagrees. I do believe everything features two edges in this. I partly agree that money is important in our life. That's the reason why peole are only considering earning a growing number of money. For some of us a large mount of money is not enough. -Everybody knows the importance of money. Few things are more powerful than money. whenever we have no funds, we are unable to buy merchandise, clothes and also other necessaries we need. Without money, we are not able to go to the films, theaters or perhaps other recreation places. With money, We are able to go to any kind of schools, virtually any universities we like to additional our understanding. - I believe money is just the important thing in our daily life.

I think cash is not all but it is very important so we want it pertaining to our lives. At the time you aren't healthful, what will happen?

I do believe money is essential for me however, not all of my purpose in my life.

" With money you can aquire a house but is not a home; a time but not time; a foundation but not a sleep; a book but not understanding; a doctor but is not health; a posture but not admiration; blood but is not life. -- On the other hand, cash doesn't constantly bring us that which we want. Cash can lead to a large number of social evils.

People who want money without needing to work might become robbers. Or individuals who have lots of money may use it pertaining to unwhole several activities like gambling, using medicines, and so on. It can be popular currently that children of wealthy families become spoiled and don't pay attention to their studies. - Is it generally thought that the only thing people are considering these days is usually earning a growing number of money?. It really is true that individuals cannot live happily with no money. Therefore , we make an effort all our far better...

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