Preparation of Copper Sulphide Essay

Assignment 1 – Investigative Report


FYO-00034: Interaction skills for scientists

Selective report: CHE-00027 – Basic and Organic and natural Chemistry

Experiment you

Determination of Empirical Formulation: Preparation of the Copper Sulphide.


The aim of the experiment was to determine the empirical mixture of sulphide of copper and to make sure that an amount of copper metallic reacted with elemental sulphur, Eq. 1 ) To be able to compute the scientific formula of copper sulphide, the mass (grams) of water piping has to be regarded and the mass (grams) of copper sulphide after the reaction. Copper, chemical formula Cu, is a regarded metal which has a red-brown coloring. The sound element is primarily used for temperature, electricity and building supplies. Copper is found in mineral kind such as sulphides which is crucial sources. The chemical property of copper distinguishes from the other substances such as solids, fluids, gases and plasma. The home determines the way the copper may react or change the compound (Winter, 1993-2012).

Sulphur is a discolored solid and a reactive non-metallic chemical element which will combines with other elements. You will discover two common sulphur main forms, rhombic and monoclinic. Rhombic kind was used through this experiment. Rhombic sulphur can be crystalline sulphur with three unequal axes at proper angles which can be combined of cyclic S8 molecules, as shown in figure you below. Sulphur is used intended for the development of sulphuric acid in manufacturing matches and bleach etc . When the Sulphur burns this changes to sulphur dioxide the gas that is certainly very toxic (Stewart, 2012).

Figure 1


Chemical substance | R | Ur statements | S | S transactions | Copper mineral | 36/37/38 | Annoyance to sight. Respiratory system and skin. | 26/37/39 | In case of contact with eyes, rinse out immediately with water and seek medical health advice. / use suitable hand protection and attention protection. | Sulphur | 11 | Highly combustible. |...

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