Principles of promoting Essay

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: February 2014

: Normaziah Che Musa

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This course is made to introduce students to promoting principles and practices. Emphasis will be positioned on marketing in the context with the firm and society. The course content includes a study of the romantic relationship between marketing and society, mother nature and capabilities of marketing, promoting management techniques, marketing tools, the markets, as well as the consumers.

Study course Objectives

The main goal in the course is to provide an overview of the basic concepts underlying contemporary marketing theory and practice. It will give participants with an understanding of the analysis that may be necessary for currently taking marketing decisions, and the a comprehensive portfolio of factors (and interactions of these factors) that must be considered inside the design of an advertising program. Pupils should come away with this course with an understanding in the marketing system and its part within the Malaysian economy and within an specific firm by simply studying how products and services will be planned, listed, promoted, and distributed in order to satisfy consumers' wants.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of the course, students should be able to:

п‚· define and apply understanding of the key marketing concepts. п‚· explain just how marketing decisions are affected by environment, trends and developments. п‚· discuss the factors impacting on consumer habit.

п‚· discuss the ways by which product, costs, place (distribution), and campaign affect promoting. п‚· create a simple advertising plan.

Required Materials


Kotler, L. & Armstrong, G. (2012), Principles of Marketing, 14th Release, Pearson.

Optional/Additional Materials



Nor Khalidah Abu and Yusniza Kamarulzaman (2013). Oxford Revision Series: Guidelines of Marketing, (2nd ed), Oxford University Press, Shah Alam.

Lamb, C. W., Curly hair, J. Farreneheit. & McDaniel, C. (2012). Essentials of Marketing, 7th ed., South-Western CENGAGAE Learning, UNITED STATES.

Course Analysis

Coursework (Assignments/ Group Project)



Discussion boards

Final Assessment




50 percent



Course Requirements & Procedures



Attendance will probably be taken. Pupils are expected to turn up to category on time regarding avoid disturbances and staying late to get participating in the students discussions. Attendance policy will be based on policies stated in the university's Academic Regulation.


Class Contribution

Students must participate because the learning should come from discussion during school. It is anticipated that you switch off your hand cellphone! " SMSing” is totally prohibited! During school, you may be instructed to join while participants in marketing research projects. Please outfit decently and appropriately (according to university's dress codes) when participating classes.


Group projects & Projects

There will be group projects and assignments. Intended for group project, work together with the group people and at the finish of the project your group members is going to assess the contribution to the project. You are expected to carry out a group display before submission of crafted copy during the semester. Tasks will be uploaded in UNIEC. In class projects must be submitted on the specific date or else you may be punished for overdue submission. In the event you encounter any difficulty to submit projects on the particular date, you have to inform the lecturer within 2 days of the specified day.

For any type written tasks given, the format from the paper ought to be as follows:  A cover page with your particulars –...

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