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The Drama Competition serves as a platform for young students and teachers to promote and demonstrate creative ideas in their job. Drama motivates students to use English and for that reason, their order of the terminology can be improved.

It really is hoped that Drama themes such as peace, prosperity, take pleasure in, sacrifice, dynamism, integration and historical events can infuse values amongst students to get more sensitive and grateful towards local art.


2 . 1To support the country's efforts to encourage the use of English Vocabulary amongst college students.

2 . 2To encourage college students to appreciate drama as it encourages integration and inculcates moral values.

2 . 3To provide the opportunity for students and teachers to indicate their abilities and imagination in the skill of dramatization; the usage of English which incorporates script producing, directing, level management and also other technical factors.

3General Guidelines

several. 1This competition is accessible to all pupils from Type 1 to 5 in all government-aided schools. Every single team comprises a maximum of 12-15 participants (including the specialized crew: stage manager, technical coordinator, established and brace assistant) and two teachers-in-charge.

3. 2 All associates must be in the same college.

3. 3The winning staff will signify the state on the zone level. The region champion crew will contend at the nationwide level.

3. 4 Life long stage performance is limited to twenty minutes.

a few. 5The drama must incorporate one of the subsequent themes: --

3. five. 1Patriotism

installment payments on your Love

3. Socio-cultural

four. Dynamism

five. Harmony

6th. Historical Occasions

7. Myth/Legend

3. 6Participating teams are encouraged to use unique scripts. Even so, translated scripts or model of established plays will be allowed.

3. 7Drama intrigue and summary should be tapped out using Typeface 12 Moments New Both roman on A4 paper and sent to the Organizing Panel two weeks prior to the competition correct.

3. 8Judging is based on these kinds of criteria: --

3. almost 8. 1Creativity of Drama35 %

3. 8. 2Language30 %

3. almost eight. 3Overall Dexterity & Presentation25 %

a few. 8. 4Positive Values/Message10 %


3. 9Teams that do not effectively abide the principles will be disqualified.


1 . Language

1 . It can be compulsory to use English Terminology throughout the episode presentation. On the other hand, limited use of certain Malay registers is allowed. 2 . Use of ordinario words is definitely strictly restricted. 3. Scripts must not touch on hypersensitive issues such as ethnic slur, religion and personal issues.

installment payments on your Theme

1 . The drama must portray the chosen theme. This kind of criterion will be evaluated through the script and presentation. 2 . Themes must not touch about political problems, racism, government policies (except beneficial policies), religious problems (except people that have moral values) and other sensitive issues.

three or more. Costumes

1 . Participants will need to wear ideal and respectable clothes that suit the character types they portray.

4. Collection and Props

1 . Reduce use of set and props.

installment payments on your The set should be steady and its arrangement should not impede the activity of the team members on stage. three or more. The use of razor-sharp objects (such as cutlery, keris, etc . ), flame and harmful chemical substance can be prohibited. 4. Each group is encouraged to have a crew working for the set and props. five. Ensure security of the established and stage sets used. Please clear the waiting place to...

Final Team Paper