Interpersonal Conflict Essay

Film production company that I made a decision to do this week assignment in is called " Crash” aimed by P. Haggis in 2004. When I began watching this movie We realized that it was one that I had seen prior to and believed was a really good movie with a wonderful that means at the end. This kind of movie earned three Oscars in 2005 for best photo, best first screenplay, and best editing and enhancing. In this week assignment were to pick an interpersonal conflict in the film we chose to watch. In Crash there were lots of interpersonal conflicts that individuals went through inside the movie. The one which I have chose to discuss and talk about that wasn't taken care of correctly and may have been dealt with differently is the character Anthony.

Anthony is an extremely interesting person from the beginning until the end from the movie. He struggles with a problem of thinking that everybody is against and stereotypes dark African American people. I feel that with him feeling this way it merely requires seems to present how he sort of has self-esteem difficulties with himself. At the beginning of the movie this individual states how in a restaurant the waiter doesn't provide them with good support because they are dark. And because people stereotype black they think that black persons don't know how to tip. With Anthony declaring this and feeling this way shows just how he stereotypes people likewise without knowing how they are really sense or considering.

It seems that his turmoil is that this individual isn't really pleased with himself and the things going on in his life. He has on deep self-disclosure issues that should be dealt with. Anthony is really looking for acceptance from anyone and everyone, and that is something he shouldn't be concerned about. He tries to reach out to his friend Philip several times to comprehend his thoughts and outlooks but he can't appreciate. Peter discovers that this individual can't place himself in Anthony's shoes and boots because he will not see points in the same light and way since Anthony really does about racism in the world. Later on in the motion picture Anthony the generalized declaration...

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