The 1950s family Research Paper

п»їThesis (The 1950's family serves the sign of happiness, togetherness and supports) Launch

Considering the painting of the Norman Rockwell Freedom via want plus the photo coming from Donna Reed Show, it offers me the concept the 1950's family benefit still appeal to Americans and other countries and I is going to write my essay and support it based on my personal readings and life activities. As the upper-middle-class housewife Donna at the time you critically see the Photo by Donna Reed Show it reflect a lot of points to the viewer that should consider Donna is a caring mother and wife, yet also a solid woman, the participant in her community, a woman with feelings and a sense of wit from several points of watch. The first thing which i get from the Photo, this shows just one family even as we defined that; Supporting argument Point 1

Children is a mixture of two or more persons living with each other under a specific forms and regulation which in turn this photography convey this definition, Assisting argument Point 2

the 2nd things it also shows happiness in everyone face and a flexibility environment between the family member which can be the most importance factor pertaining to forming a family group it delivers happiness and allows everyone to show what they have in their mind and enjoying the chance to shear that. Happiness environment makes easy the way of resolving all kind of problems including social, monetary and other friends and family issues. Helping argument Stage 3

The 3rd thing I found based on the photo is the supporting role of guy of the friends and family or spouse to his wife, that put his hand in the wife shoulder joint which means the girl Donna Reed receives a big support by his spouse and she can support her child's throughout their life jointly, I knowledgeable this supporting role of any husband to his partner that gives happiness and success within a family condition in my life once my brother support his partner during a fight with a individual on court hiring, my personal cousin whom she is my buddy wife is actually a women doctor working in ladies...

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