The Bible Among Common myths Essay

In The Holy bible Among the Myths, Oswalt states, " In case the historical basis on which the supposed revelation [the Bible] rested was false, in that case why should we give any exceptional credence for the ideas resting on that basis” (p. 31). Please post a 400-word respond to Oswalt's affirmation. Seek to solution whether or not you can trust a historically phony document to be theologically exact? If certainly not, why? In the event so , how? While sources are not essential, you may support your response from the Holy book, your books, or other sources as you see fit.

When I listen to the word " myth, ” I cannot associate it while using Bible in different given way. My meaning of the word provides always agreed with Webster's Collegiate Book, which specifies myth while " A person or perhaps thing having only a great imaginary or perhaps unverifiable lifestyle; an unproven or phony notion" [1].   The Bible is no way that. It is the influenced and only infallible word of God and to prove that any part of it is false or possibly a myth will shake the very foundation of Christianity. Its start has no relationship with individual wisdom or any devices associated with it. Through the Bible, the Holy Spirit teaches and imparts knowledge and expertise to all of us. 1st Corinthians 2: 13 says " This is what we all speak, not in words and phrases taught us by man wisdom but also in words taught by the Heart, explaining psychic realities with Spirit-taught terms. ” [2] In essence, to ensure that someone to understand the spiritual truths in the Scriptures, one has to have God's spirit inside of all of them. Scientists and people out to prove that the Bible is full of myths are sensual minded persons and will not understand the facts that come coming from it. Scholars and theologians claim that the Old Testament is full of stories. They also believe that the Bible has been discredited, but the facts and discoveries of history and archeology confirm the material of the Holy book to be accurate. The fact that Israel became a nation after leaving Egypt validates truth inside the Bible. History also demonstrates that Jesus was a...

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