Three Items that Changed American Record: Medicine, Religion and War Essay

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Disease and Medicine along with warfare and religious beliefs were 3 ways American background has changed. If the colonists came over via Europe they unknowingly altered the world permanently in ways that they couldn't have imagined. These types of effects had been present to both Native Americans and Europeans. Many of these changes built life simpler for both Native Americans and Europeans but some made relationships worse also. And some effects wouldn't show up until it was too late. One of these significant improvements was the summary of new disease to the new world. When the Europeans came over and started to connect to the Natives they helped bring with these people new diseases that Natives weren't used to. Since Natives weren't immune to these conditions like the Europeans diseases propagate rapidly and lethally. New Diseases including smallpox, diphtheria, measles, bubonic and pneumonic plague, cholera, influenza, typhus, dysentery, yellow fever distributed through Tribes of native americans like outrageous fire. Add these fresh deadly illnesses and to problems of their own like malnutrition, anemia, as well as the high price of embrionario and neonatal deaths and infant fatality, parasitic digestive tract infections, dental issues, respiratory attacks, spina bifida, osteomyelitis, nonpulmonary tuberculosis, syphilis along with bruises joint disease and snakebites and you can understand why the Indigenous American populations had a dramatic decrease simply by disease. Some tribes experienced up to a 90% loss in population, certainly this was not via only disease there were other reasons like war between other tribes and Europeans. Although medicine has come along way especially in recent times, there were medicine men and woman in all Native American tribes and there were " educated" doctors that came by Europe through the colonial age group. At first Europeans were distrustful of the remedies that the Natives used. Medication men and women applied new medical techniques the fact that...

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