Transcendentalism In Cast Apart Essay

Nicholas Jones


Transcendentalism in Cast Away

In the film Cast Apart the main personality Chuck Noland begins as being with being obsessed with operating and time and is definitely not a transcendental person. Chuck Noland works as a staff of FedEx and this individual travels very frequently as part of his job.

While traveling, his plane failures somewhere inside the Pacific Ocean and he washes ashore with an island in the center of nowhere. Initially he attempts to fight character and gets very upset and disappointed because he is having trouble planning to survive, the truth is this after he continuously fails for hunting and hurts himself while looking to making a fire. As he continues to spend more time upon island the thing is that this individual starts to change and becomes accepting of mother nature and self-reliable so that he can endure. This film ties in two of the most typical transcendental tenents of mother nature and self-sufficiency. Without braiding in these two concepts Noland would have very likely not made it through on the island.

After 4 years on the island of st. kitts you see that Noland has become an experienced hunter, can easily generate a fire, needs nature's tendencies and know how unpredictable character can be and so he works on for the worst. At this moment Chuck Noland is 1 nature and he begins to plan his escape from your island. He builds a raft and later leaves the island with it, while at ocean he is rescued by a freight ship and taken returning to the home. If he gets home he is someone else, he is a transcendental gentleman with fresh objectives and ideals.

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