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What Will Scoot Be?

Analysis Report of SIA Fresh Budget Airlines

Author: Evi Pringgodigdo


Date: 31 October 2011

Lecturer: Wayne Sin





Focus on Market5

Market Positioning7

Innovative Design Strategy Proposal9



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Today, there are two major air travel business models that define the world's aviation marketplace: the full service airlines plus the low cost flight companies. Both of them happen to be playing their role well in the market, targeting different segments, as well on the other hand also complementing each other. Lately, Singapore Airlines is going to launch a fresh no-frills low cost subsidiary air travel, operating large body aeroplanes on channel and long term routes. Scoot will likely become the name of the new supplementary, which will get started their procedure on 2012.

The purpose of this research is to define Scoot's target audience and propose imaginative strategy to placement Scoot on the market in order to fulfill market requirements.

This statement is based on case study of inexpensive airlines market, travelling patterns and statistics, and some marketplace surveys employing information attained in interviews with related respondents and public forms.

The effects show that Scoot has a great possibility to lead in low-cost air carriers game market. There are many options that Scoot can take and still a whole lot of unfulfilled market requirements from their potential audience.

Keywords: Low-Cost Airline, Singapore Airlines Part, Market Analysis



Nowadays, the economic globe is changing faster regarding size and speed. Soaring to additional place of the earth is no longer a luxury but already become a kind of leisure. Few years back, just people with significant financial resources or perhaps business could afford traveling by atmosphere. Today, college students as well as people with average earnings are traveling much more pertaining to professional and private reasons such as studying within a foreign region, small business trading, and even holiday or brief vacation.

For the people reasons, low-cost carrier business model exists and today plays the key role in aviation industry. In order to help market needs, Singapore Flight companies (SIA) will certainly launch their new cheap budget flight so called Scoot. Scoot will be using TANTO retrofitted wide body Boeing 777-200s to serve medium-long haul routes. Even Scoot will be managed independently segregated from TANTO, it seems that Scoot will get the good term of SIA for their assistance quality and professionalism.

There are some factors that may impact the triumph of Scoot, which may be classified as internal and external elements. The internal element is about just how Scoot committees manage and operate the business. However , here we are heading focus on just how Scoot need to position on its own based on some external elements, especially to fulfill the current needs from their targeted target market.



We. Target Market Market Profile

Grow older: 18-35 years old

Gender: Men and female

Competition: Chinese, Malay, European, American, etc .

Education: Diploma, level, master, etc .

Residence: Singapore, China, The european countries, Australia, UNITED STATES

SES: Central to excessive social class

Income: Previously mentioned SGD two, 000/month

Employment: Self-employed, business worker

Relationship Status: Sole, married

Dialect: English (primary), Chinese, Bahasa

II. Target Market Psychographic and Behavioristic Profile

Social Class: E, C1, B

Lifestyle: Reformer, manager, aspirer, retired

Occasions: Amusement, small business...

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