witness article

In the film see peter weir criticizes facets of modern society by contrasting this to the world of the Amish.

Discuss the statement with close reference to the film

The film Witness, directed by Peter Weir shows the concept of ethnic differences between your Amish and the outside world. Critical areas of modern society (American society) will be shown in several film methods. Weir illustrates aspects of the close study of text through the use of symbols, portrayal, setting and diegetic and non-diegetic noises to convey the contrast in lifestyles. He uses styles and film techniques to further emphasize the plot inside the film. The dramatic thriller exposes the characters to reveal the interlect of the Amish guy community when compared to American contemporary society, the areas of the film is based on detective and take pleasure in story topics. The main personas are Samuel; a young son who is aware too much, David Book the " good guy” American detective/cop, Rachel being Samuels caring one mother elevating him in an Amish community and Rachel's strict dad Eli who will be concerned about the dangers of his family's wellness as a reason behind the outside world getting in the way of there lifestyle.

Peter Weir's film Witness explores the distinction between the two worlds by contrasting the Amish tradition with a contemporary Westernized culture of America. Weir reveals many themes and concerns in his film. Through his use of film techniques just like long photos and close-ups make the film more enjoyable. These types of themes include clash of two cultures/different worlds, Peacefulness and violence, innocence and corruption. These are generally presented efficiently with a selection of film methods, editing, establishing, dialogue and music/sound. The two elements of the plot, the love story, as well as the crime account, make up the genre. Firstly, social clash is definitely achieved through the contrast of setting. The clash between two nationalities is a serious problem in the film and it is afterwards resolved. The shot in the countryside, demonstrating the Amish...

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