Zero Defect Software Essay

Experiences in Delivering Task with No Defects

Srikanth Rao

Common Reactions upon Zero Flaws in Software Projects

" Are you kidding me?. It is a miracle. Just how can we anticipate zero flaws in software development? It is harder to define, harder to test, harder to forecast results. Pests is a correctly normal factor, we can't bring them to zero. Although we should minimize them employing all likely ways. ”The Last Bug is a mirage”

Like any additional PM, My spouse and i started using a " Zero Defects Mentality” which is not about having absolutely no bugs being a target (as you're hardly ever sure of achieving it), although about doing almost all that's necessary to prevent insects.

Then the " Zero Problem software Delivery” happened!. Perhaps I got lucky(? ). The purpose of the ppt is to reveal some guidelines that were accustomed to pursue the " Absolutely no Defect Mentality”. Luck is most likely a gross of sweating!

The author was also a key component in architecting the Quality Management for a Global software organization and had co-authored the V-Process model

September 10


My Encounter in Owning a Zero Problem Project

Come july 1st 10

a few

Planning Intelligently – Key Strategies

Inch-stone – A finer approach to control Breakthrough

• Inch-stone – " Sub-task giveaways within the existing Mile-stones” • Developed a finer degree of scheduling oversight that empowered early detection of potential delays


Early Risk



Early Risk Mitigation Giveaways

• Modified risks (Technical, Schedule, Quality risks) in to Early Risk Mitigation Deliverables e. g. Planned early delivery of critical components Planning for

Learning &

A contingency

Planning for Learning & Contingency

• Planned Time/Activities to get focused/improved learning

• Constructed contingency pertaining to course modification; e. g. Internal Timetable was stronger than schedule committed to customer

An Intelligent Plan

" The greater intelligently you intend, the luckier you acquire. ”


July twelve

Monitoring which has a Quest for Quality – Key Strategies

" Mentoring Reviews” – Give attention to improving the writer

• Strenuous " Mentoring Review” having a focus on enhancing Author; Demanded Perfection;

• 100% Code Reviews by simply PM; Would not delegate reviews


Screening &

" Pair


" Mentoring”


Peer Testing and " Set Design”

• Peer tests: Team members tested each others code. All of us termed this as Cross Testing

Every week



• " Pair Design”: A term coined via " Pair Programming” wherever two people performed the design focusing on the same workstation.

Weekly Deadline Orientation

• Completion of a great inch-stone identified clearly -- item need to pass the " Review”; • Weekly was a deadline;

True Status

The " True Status” should be dependant on the PM HOURS based on his/her assessment from the quality of the deliverables instead of relying on the status reported by the team affiliate.


This summer 10

Building a Learning Staff – Essential Strategies

Daily Team Gatherings – Functioning as a Team

• Formal Daily team Meetings – Status Check; Posting of Learning; Resolving problems

Daily Team



the Team

Tough The Team – Motivation to Learn

• Requiring Perfection

• Challenged they to deliver a zero-defect Product tested Code • Fun Prizes (Chocolates) for finding even more number of defects during Peer Testing

Mentoring &


Mentoring & Coaching – Support to master

• " Mentoring Reviews” – Genuine focus to improve the author •

Support to satisfy deadlines/Debugging

Professional Development

" A work outcome of a Designer working beneath two diverse Project Managers (PMs) is different. The PM HOURS who needs quality would not only have a better end result but could also be respected by the Affiliates for adding value to them and enabling their particular professional advancement. ”


July 15

The Job

Effort: Regarding 2 . 5 person years;

Peak Group Size; 10 people

The Constraints

-- Simulated development environment.

-- Development Environment different from Production environment - Two...

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